Innovative R&D


Code Generating System

The Code Generating System (CGS) is a simple & powerful way to manage access to remote sites and assets in real-time. Through a phone and an Acsys CGS Key with Keypad, the control center can grant access rights in real-time and be notified of site arrival and exit.

Whenever a user requires access to a site or asset, he needs to request the code by call/SMS to the control center. Upon verification of user credentials the code will be issued to the user, who in turn enters it on the key, granting him access and ONLY on the site and assets that the control center wants the user to access. It’s a way to REDUCE DOWN-TIME by allowing users to get to the site without the need for picking-up or returning keys.


Mechatronic Locking

Acsys’ unique technology brings together electronics & mechanical key system to create a fusion product that combines the attributes of conventional swipe card access control with those of a mechanical locking system’s convenience.

The contact plate on the key transmits power and AES-128 bit encrypted data securely to the contact pin on the cylinder.

The passive electronic chip on the key reads the cylinder’s credentials. If the cylinder’s ID is registered in the access rights table, access is granted. Once the access is granted, the blocking mechanism is electronically disengaged, therefore unlocking the cylinder.

Keyless locking

Our PL5-BLE are ideated & created keeping in mind today’s digital transformation across organizations.

Our high security padlock are manufactured  with the strongest materials. The Bluetooth padlocks can withstand extreme weather conditions and give you the experience the convenience of keyless entry, with just a few simple steps of using our app and the button at the bottom you can lock and unlock it with minimum number of step, without compromising on the security of the asset under consideration.