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A unique solution for securing remote  cell towers and streamlining vendor and 3rd party access.


Tower companies make significant investments in land and infrastructure to guarantee the best service for their tenants. This involves several tens of thousands of unmonitored remote sites hosting critical equipment requiring maintenance and upgrade on a regular basis. Acsys has developed a vast expertise in this particular sub-industry of telecom, offering bespoke solutions to top-tier Towercos worldwide. Acsys pioneering wire-free and easy-to-install solution is suitable for any towerco business model.

With iams you can

Lower OPEX through real-time monitoring of remote site

Increase operational efficiency through more accurate billing 

Increase on-site safety by ensuring proper asset access by privileged people only 

Real-time Monitoring of the workforce via data collection

Cost-Savings Study :
10 things you should be

We provide complete
access management solutions

perimEter security

We keep fences gates and doors with one single purpose in mind “Keep everyone out”

perimeter security

We provide locking mechanisms for assets found inside the outdoor security perimeter including battery racks and BTS equipment

workforce monitoring
and tagging tools

Monitoring tools via mobile applications paired with unique keys

How it Works

  1. Mast down/Maintenance (e.g. refuel) at cell tower (A) 
  2. Technician receives a service call request
  3. Technician receives access rights to open one or more locks via Acsys CGS and/or Acsys Mobile solution with his mobile phone when he has arrived on site 
  4. Job completed at cell tower (A), Technician notifies HQ and receives access rights to lock-up via Acsys CGS and/or Acsys Mobile solution again. HQ gets real-time transaction logs. Technician moves on to the next site (B) directly.
Secures more than 17,000 sites
with iams
Find Out How
Secures more than 17,000 sites
with iams
Find Out How

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