How to operate a business enterprise 24/7 without going crazy

For companies that provide critical services or those that serve international markets, there usually comes a time when they ask themselves: “Do we want to go 24/7?”

The past 30 years have proven just how fast technology impacted the way people work and how businesses are run. After the United Nations General Assembly on Human Rights declared access to the internet as a human right in 2016, we witnessed the growth of mobile technologies and software applications which enabled people to be connected – no matter what time and place.

However, as with any kind of progress, there will always be a catch: mobility demands real-time access and support. So how do you maximize the advantages of round-the-clock operations while managing the flow of people, assets and security threats?

Access control system
Maximizing Productivity

Here’s how:

Find a business solution that is flexible.

Flexible enough for you to conveniently manage access rights and even the physical doors and windows within the vicinity of your physical assets using a browser on your computer or mobile phone.  Some business decisions require real-time implementation that affects hundreds of lives.  Look for solutions that can do this for you and is easy enough to integrate into your systems in place.

Explain it to me like I’m five.

Let’s face it, not all the members of your workforce are as savvy as the next millennial (and not all millennials are techie too). In order for you to duplicate the efficiency and effectivity of one employee, you will need to employ a software that has a simple user interface, a no brainer to operate and can be deployed quickly.  Every second matter. Just make sure that you deploy a system that can automatically detect time zone differences! You don’t want to alarm people in the EU shift because of an unresolved server issue in the US shift.

There’s no time like NOW.

Physical assets, such as buildings, warehouses or vehicles, can’t be all in one space at all times. Look for a solution that allows for instant collaboration but makes sure that the data is secure from physical and virtual threats. If you can integrate a safe SMS service, then do it too so you cover all bases of communication.

Running a business could be easier if we know what technologies to leverage. But this convenience and ease come at a cost.  Stringent regulations and strict SLAs require solutions that are flexible as well as easy to learn and integrate.

Acsys’ iAMS solution offers workforce and maintenance management designed to provide software and hardware solutions to secure your assets in real-time. Don’t settle for anything less for your business.