4 Reasons Why You Need to Change Your Access Control System

We see it in movies and television shows: businesses or government officials beating themselves up after discovering a crime has happened right under their noses. They try their best to pursue the perpetrator who managed to breach their security protocols and steal or damage their critical assets.

Can the business recover from the damage? At what cost? Or is it too late?

These fictional heists may tickle people’s fancy but these security breaches inflict real damage and danger in real life. These infractions result in the loss of millions of dollars and sometimes even lives or property.

Many businesses invest in some form of an access control system to protect their critical assets. However, most of these systems are only effective up to a certain point.

Access control system
Access control system

Here are 4 reasons why you need to change your access control system

The usual access control systems that businesses invest in are reactive

They can only monitor and capture videos, but do not actively prevent anyone from attacking your assets. By the time you detect an anomaly or crime, the people behind these breaches are long gone. Imagine someone breaking into a factory armed only with CCTV cameras. By the time the guard on duty notices something going on in a part of the factory, the damage is done.

Most security systems are not fool-proof

Users can easily share or lose their credentials. A lost RFID card can compromise your entire system. Employees sharing access devices with colleagues or contractors can also increase the risk of theft and vandalism in organizations. You need a system that actively prevents any unauthorized intrusions.

Most security systems are power-dependent

Circumstances outside of your control can affect the reliability of the access control systems during downtime or shutdown. Make sure your access control system is capable of running in times of extraordinary circumstances to ensure the integrity of your facilities.

Hackers evolve faster than technology and access control is a bit like an arms race

Technologies that rely on active communication with a server in order to validate access are all hackable. Imagine an access control system that does not rely on network connectivity and validation, leaving no room for hackers to attack.

Having a reliable access control system integrated into your business means having more time to focus on your operations rather than running around trying to control security incidents.

Look for a reliable access control system that is robust enough to prevent physical or digital attacks on your assets. This system should also be easy to integrate with your existing enterprise systems to ensure the smooth flow of operations.

You may want to look into Acsys’ access management system which offers affordable solutions that you can use in virtually unlimited locations without on security, operational effectiveness, and control.

Business security is of paramount importance, make sure you choose the right provider.