With mechanical systems, when keys are lost/stolen/misplaced or copied usually time, energy, and money needs to be spent changing the locks.

With the Acsys CGS system keys can only be activated through the software meaning that if a key is lost / stolen / unreturned only the software needs to be updated.

As the access to every asset is now remotely controlled, we see a great reduction in theft, which is often inside jobs due to the fact that keys are copied and then used after hours to gain access to job sites and assets.

Since the locks require no maintenance and the keys only need battery replacement 1x/year the OPEX cost of running the Acsys system is minimal meaning little or no recurrent expenditure after deployment.

Through job site management insurance premiums in some countries can be significantly lowered as the risk for the insurance company is reduced.


As every user has a key the downtime is reduced as the O&M staff can now go directly to a job site - no more time/energy/money wasted in collecting / returning /managing keys.

The control center now has control over which job sites need servicing and when and can verify how much time users spent on-site conducting specific tasks, which allows for the creation and tracking of KPIs.

The users work time and location is logged, allowing the control center to increase the amounts of job sites that can be serviced in one day.


The control center can view how long the users have spent on job site doing specific services giving them a complete overview over billable hours.

Job site access is logged in real-time so adherence to SLA’s can now be verified, good suppliers rewarded and bad suppliers eliminated.

As access to job sites is now controlled, false and real alarms can be differentiated. The software reports allow the control center to detect abnormal patterns of user behavior which can be indications of impending thefts.


As Acsys keys are impossible to copy and Acsys locks are impossible to pick/bump or even vandalize security guards can be reduced and unauthorized access is eliminated.

As the system can automatically detect which job site is being serviced, if the servicing time is abnormal (caused by a staff injury on-site) the control center will be informed which in some cases can save lives.