We needed a solution to control when the users would get access to some remote sites, with the Programmable Key we can control when the key user can get access to our sites and the information inside the key also tells us how long they stayed on the site...
In a few words, I can say that Acsys is a Wonderful product

John F., Kenya-

We used to have a lot of issues with copied keys, that's no longer a problem now!

Mike J., Uganda-

The keypad key is just amazing, nobody can use my keys anymore, I can leave them around anywhere during my work and not have to worry that someone uses them or even steals them because without the password the key is useless.
Great Job!

Pieter C., Netherlands-

Because of the power cuts we have here, no wired system really works, with Acsys this is solved

Mr. Mohammad A., Lebanon -

We needed access control in an old historical building where we couldn't install any wiring or it would be very expensive. Because Acsys products require no wiring, it was easy and very fast to install

Francois K, France-

We installed Acsys system at a fraction of the cost of a wired system, nobody can compete in terms of price, installation time and flexibility with this solution

Jean Petit, France-

The Acsys CGS solution has changed the way we work, we have real-time monitoring of key usage without any wiring, we even can control our users who are 100's of kilometers away simply using a mobile phone, nobody can beat that in terms of real time access control, card systems our OUT, and finally someone understood what we need

Alfred C.R, Macao-

Our biggest problem was the theft of goods and fuel from our trucks; keys were copied all the time, and our company was making a big loss every month. Since installing Acsys locks on the trucks, our thefts have gone down to 0 and we are able to monitor when the drivers are loading/unloading

Huang J, China-

Some of our guards carry keys as part of their job, for some rounds they need to carry over 100 keys, now they only use 1, it can't be copied and can only be used during the night shifts and is exactly what we needed

Miguel C, Macao-

Our company required a temporary solution, since we plan to move to a new purpose built office next year, so we wanted a removable solution, now we have Acsys installed and next year will uninstall and re-install it in our new offices, like this we don't lose the investment made in wiring and will have our new office operational within a matter of hours and all the doors will be secured

George K, Qatar-

Last time we lost a master mechanical key we ended up changing over 35 locks and this was the second time in one year which was very costly and wasted a lot of our time. Last week we lost an Acsys key and deleted it from the system without changing anything, I was just sitting in my office having lunch.
Now that's a life-changing experience!

Mustafa R.A, Saudi Arabia-